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Data Center Cooling Technology

Data Center Cooling Technology

As global demand for data exchange grows, so too does the size and load placed on the data center, placing unprecedented constraints on space and power available to the operator. Hence the need for an effective data center cooling solution.

Data center is designed with dedicated facilities and infrastructure to primarily support business critical IT servers. Tightly packed server racks are generating exponentially more computer power and most of this is converted into rejected heat.

Multiply Engineering Services as a cooling consultancy agency provides a flexible, high efficiency range of effective data center cooling solutions aimed at optimizing the performance of the equipment, as well as managing the environmental impact of the data center.

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At Multiply Engineering Services we seek to deliver one of the most complete ranges of data center cooling products on the market; from the smallest server room to the largest data hall, we deliver the kind of tailored data center cooling solutions you need with a service that is second to none.

The hotspots produced by densely packed servers jeopardize the functional reliability of the IT. Precision air conditioning with combined recirculating air and water cooling dissipates accumulated heat loads with chilled water.

CyberRow – Intelligent airflow control – for more efficiency in rack cooling

CyberRow is an A/C unit for the targeted cooling of high-density racks. In CyberRow, innovative horizontal air conduction has been enhanced with state-of-the-art technology boasting high performance, flexibility and efficiency. Fluctuating server rack loads, space restrictions, lack of a raised floor, existing high-density server technology – these are exactly the tricky situations from everyday practice that CyberRow has been specially developed to deal with.

CyberRow - In-Rack Data center cooling technology


Solutions for CyberRow

1. High-density and hot spots

2. Small, medium and modular       Data Centers

3. Indirect Free Cooling

4. Equipment rooms

5. Application areas: IT, telecommunications, infrastructure, facilities


1. Innovative technology and high-quality components for minimal energy consumption

2. Can be used with racks from any manufacturer

3. Complete system separation between rack and A/C unit for maximum reliability

4. High performance values and top results in the smallest space

5. Precise temperature control with two mutually independent setpoints

6. Available in 4 different cooling systems

CyberRack – Rack-based CW cooling for optimum operating conditions

The CyberRack Active Rear Door is a heat exchanger door with EC fans for installing on the rear door of server racks. The server rack door is swapped for the CyberRack Active Rear Door, which transforms the rack into a cooled server rack that no longer discharges any heat load in the data center.

CyberRack - Rack-based Data center cooling technology



As it is mounted on the rear of the rack, there is no need to change the rack’s position. This data center cooling solution can therefore be integrated more easily in existing data centers, regardless of whether the server racks are to be retrofitted or the rack already comes with the CyberRack.

1. Optimum operating conditions: No mixing of server outlet air with the room air, because no hot return air gets into the room.

2. Maximum energy efficiency thanks to high rack inlet temperatures

3. As the servers are cooled directly in the server rack, high water temperatures are possible, considerably increasing the number of operating hours with Free Cooling.

EC fan optimized

  • Reduced power consumption and noise
  • Nominal airflow rate at a fan speed optimized for partial load
  • Increased airflow in each size
  • Uses the latest motors, electronic processor and impellers
  • Complies with ecodesign ErP2015 directive

EC compressor

  • Infinite compressor control for maximum efficiency and precise temperature regulation
  • Maximum efficiency especially in partial load and Mixed mode
  • Constant supply air temperature
  • Integrated soft start
  • Fast, precise reaction to actual variations in heat load
  • Long service life thanks to continuous operation without compressor on/off cycles
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