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Product Servicing and Maintenance

Just as periodic servicing and maintenance is essential for our vehicles to perform properly and prolong its lifespan, so does our air conditioning systems. Today’s hvac systems are sophisticated pieces of machinery that require all of its parts (from the compressor, down to the filter) to work in perfect harmony. Failure to perform regular servicing and maintenance on the hvac system will result in excessive stress on its components that will lead to decreased performance and costly repairs. Your hvac experts at MES have the solution.

With Multiply Engineering Services, you can be rest assured that help is never far away.  Our servicing and maintenance and 24/7 emergency response team and call out service is readily available 365 days of the year, ensuring that we are always on hand to provide expert advice, cooling solutions and immediate help, day or night.

Guaranteed emergency response times mean that a qualified Multiply Engineering Services engineer will be with you in no time, therefore maximising your system’s uptime.

  • Choose the right plan for you…Our tailor-made solutions seeks to offer a great preventative air conditioning servicing and maintenance plans to enhance and improve system resilience and increase the longevity of your cooling system. Planned maintenance not only assists in preventing unwanted unit breakdowns in business critical environments, it is an added advantage to improving the energy efficiency and enhancing system optimization for improved performance.
  • What you're getting...Servicing and maintenance not only assists in preventing units from breaking down in business critical environments, but goes a step further to ensure an improved energy efficiency rate whiles enhancing system optimization for improved performance. These results translate into reduced running costs, quicker payback periods and potentially longer life of Air conditioning unit, plus less carbon emissions.

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Planned Maintenance - Our Planned Servicing and Maintenance programs are performed purposely and regularly in order to prevent a machine from deteriorating or breaking down.
Predictive Servicing and Maintenance works performed based on the known and expected behavior, condition, and history of the Air conditioning Units.
Preventative Maintenance - we undertake preventative servicing and maintenance activities while units are still in operation in order to keep it from breaking down.
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